Raise Money, Save Lives!

Raise Money, Save Lives!

Raise money and save lives with FireAde® Fundraiser. Protect your families, students, and faculty with a fire safety fundraiser you can do any time of year.

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Open to All Groups

FireAde® Fundraiser has no minimum order requirements and is open to all groups needing funds, like Church Youth Groups, Scout Groups, and other civic and service oriented non-profit groups.

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Sports Teams

Softball and baseball teams are a great fit for FireAde® Fundraiser.

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Fire Departments

Volunteer fire departments consistently use FireAde® Fundraiser to raise funds for equipment, supplies, and other necessities. Let us help you design a safety program in your community selling FireAde® and handing out safety activities.

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Let FireAde be the spark for your next Fundraiser!

FireAde® seeks to safeguard families across the US with our personal fire suppression systems that deliver the same great firefighting foam trusted by fire professionals worldwide. Easy to use and water-based, our easy clean-up formula is a great addition to the home and outdoors for quick fire extinguishment. Great for cookouts and tailgate parties, kitchens, laundry rooms, and every bedroom of the house.

FireAde® Fundraiser gives you the means to raise funds and save lives with a community service based project. Your fundraising committee will take pride in educating your community towards fire safety and burn prevention while also providing the means for families to protect themselves. Use pre-order forms or purchase upfront for the same great price with no minimums and no shipping fees.

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FireAde Fundraiser

What Our Partners Are Saying

This was a wonderful fundraiser, Not everyone has a fire extinguisher in their home so this was such an easy fundraiser to do, and the best part was John brought everything to me, I didn't have to go out of my way to do anything! This fundraiser sold itself!

— Michelle S., Loganville High School


The Ronnie Thames Foundation - Giving Back

The Ronnie Thames Foundation is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization dedicated to helping children and their families who have faced devastation and suffering as the result of a fire.

The Foundation was founded in 2013 by Ron & Teresa Thames in honor of Ron’s son Ronnie who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004. Our mission is an endearing tribute to the memory of Ronnie Thames.

A portion of the proceeds from every FireAde Personal Fire Suppression system is donated to The Ronnie Thames Foundation to aid in the care of child burn survivors.

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