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It's so easy to raise money with FireAde!

  1. Fill out the Fundraiser Agreement registration form.

  2. Download the Fundraising packet that includes 2 order forms, product information page, prize incentive sheet, payment form, and the kids Home Fire Safety sheet.

  3. Collect orders from people who are interested in promoting your organization and care about fire safety.

  4. Once you have collected the order forms from all participating members, fill out the payment form and mail your forms and payment to:

    Fire Service Plus, Inc.
    473 Dividend Dr, Peachtree City, GA 30269
    (checks payable to Fire Service Plus, Inc.)

  5. Your order will ship to the address you have provided. Typically product will be delivered in 4-7 business days (depending on location).

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Fundraising Products

For fundraising you can sell a single can or a case of 6.

16 oz Can - $28.95

16 oz Can - $28.95

FireAdeĀ® is easy to use.

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