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  • FireAde Fundraiser Terms & Conditions

    • My Organization agrees to sell FireAde as a fundraiser during the agreed dates and understand that we represent the company FireAde for the duration of the fundraiser.
    • We agree to sell FireAde at the agreed price and understand our payment to FireAde will reflect all units sold during the fundraiser at the net price per unit
    • We understand that FireAde will deliver all cans to our organization normally within 14 days after remittance of payment for distribution to our customers or fundraising partners.
    • We agree to deliver all cans to paying customers as promised within 30 days of receiving the product from FireAde.
    • We acknowledge that FireAde will provide our organization with the necessary selling guide templates and video files to make our fundraiser successful and that we will manage the cost of copies, distribution, and informational training of our sales team.

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