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Disaster Preparedness Guide

If there is anything that 2020 taught us, it is the importance of being prepared. From coronavirus and wildfires to hurricanes and civil unrest, there has been a lot going on globally. While things are looking up in 2021, last year’s losses still weigh heavily on our minds.

When disaster strikes, there is often little time to prepare. Losses can come swiftly when danger appears out of nowhere. When you are elderly or have a disability, it can be even more challenging to secure your property and get to safety, which is why preparation is critical.

You can never be too prepared for an emergency. Our disaster preparedness guide can help you and your family prepare today in case of an emergency tomorrow. With a list of centralized resources, assistive technology and disaster safety tips, you can safely and efficiently prevent severe losses and ensure your safety when disaster strikes.

Click here to read more from Lena Borrelli’s article When Disaster Strikes: Preparedness for Seniors and People with Disabilities (Borelli. 2021) and consider hosting a FireAde Fundraiser in your area to help prepare residents with home extinguishers.

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16 oz Can - $21.95

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