Tips for Fundraising Success

Fundraising for Education

You can raise funds for classroom materials, after-school programs, field trips, or anything else that helps students learn.Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or a student, we’re excited to help you get the funding you need.

The STEM Classroom

FireAde® supports STEM because our products are a result of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. For schools fundraising within Georgia, we are prepared to help discuss the science behind our products with your STEM team and classroom. Use FireAde® Fundraiser to earn money to supply new STEM products or programs for your school or STEM Lab. Furthermore, the top seller from every school participating in FireAde® Fundraiser gets to choose one of top tech toys as an incentive for selling. Every school that participates in FireAde® Fundraiser is also entered to win a Da Vinci Jr 3D Printer, with winners selected at the top of the school year.

Community Service Project

Which of your school’s groups also have a requirement for a Community Service Project? BETA Teams, PTA and PTO, Teacher’s Associations, Student Government Alliance, ROTC, and even College Fraternities and Sororities may also consider using FireAde® Fundraiser as a means of completing a Community Service Project (CSP). Use our initiatives for community education in fire safety and prevention in conjunction with your FireAde® Fundraiser to better protect your community. We can work with you to design your own initiative with coordination from your local fire department and sponsoring businesses and corporations in your neighborhood. Ask us for more information!

What are you raising money for?

Supporters are more willing to donate to a cause they believe in! Be sure to communicate what your group is raising money for so your regular supporters will give more.

Get the word out!

We can help you draft a press release for use in your community to help people find you and FireAde® at events or at places where they can purchase.

Use order takers as brochures and send home with students and parents.

Ask your Principal to help you with email communications or phone trees. This is a great way to promote fire safety to your audience. We can help you write a Principal email to save time and deliver a concise safety message to parents and faculty.

Leave order takers with local business for one week and let employees and customers preorder FireAde®


Say Thanks!

Communicate your results and impact to your community. Supporters who know how they impacted their community will be more likely to give more during the next fundraising event.


Fundraising Products

For fundraising you can sell a single can or a case of 6.

16 oz Can - $21.95

16 oz Can - $21.95

FireAde® is easy to use.

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