Tips for Fundraising Success

Fundraising For Sports Teams

Are you a sports team in need of funds? Softball, baseball, basketball, soccer and more have tried our fundraising program with great success.

Social Media

Utilize our social media and yours for maximum effect. Use our FireAde® commercial to demonstrate our product through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even show our commercials on TV at games and special events. Consider purchasing a few cases up front to display or sell.

Get the Word Out

We can help you draft a press release for use in your community to help people find you and FireAde® at events or at places where they can purchase.

Use order takers as brochures and send home with students and parents.

Ask your Principal to help you with email communications or phone trees. This is a great way to promote fire safety to your audience. We can help you write a Principal email to save time and deliver a concise safety message to parents and faculty.

Leave order takers with local business for one week and let employees and customers preorder FireAde®

Thinking outside the box

Team with your local fire department to host a fire safety event and draw crowds. Firefighters can show potential buyers how to use FireAde® compared with a regular fire extinguisher. Send home safety activities with kids.

An extra level of protection

FireAde® works with groups to deliver safety messages from the National Fire Protection Agency at all times of year. No season is without risk of fire, and using caution at home and outdoors can do wonders for reducing risk and preventing fires, burns, other fire related accidents. Help us deliver a message to your supporters and community multiple times a year through the FireAde® Fundraiser.


Fundraising Products

For fundraising you can sell a single can or a case of 6.

16 oz Can - $21.95

16 oz Can - $21.95

FireAde® is easy to use.

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