Tips for Fundraising Success

Volunteer Fire Departments

Many of the volunteer fire departments we work with need funds for basic needs and equipment. Fire departments can help make their community safer with a Fire Department FireAde Fundraiser.

We will work with you to deliver cans for community events so you can sell to raise funds. We offer reproducible materials for distribution and can help assist with demonstrations if scheduled in advance. Fire Departments can sell cans for $15 at events or to friends and family to raise funds to buy turnout gear, Enforcer CAF systems, or even products like FireAde for industrial use.

Complete the sign up form and work with us to help you get what you need for this program to be successful. Consider taking the pre-order form to your local businesses, doctors offices, veterinarians, law offices and local shops to sell FireAde.

Fundraising Products

For fundraising you can sell a single can or a case of 6.

16 oz Can - $21.95

16 oz Can - $21.95

FireAdeĀ® is easy to use.

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